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Social Media

Social Media are at a crossroads.  Attacked by the mainstream media for causing psychological problems, for misuse of data and for allowing unsavoury customers to exploit their algorithms, the big players are, nonetheless, still capable of providing a hugely beneficial service to businesses and organisations that wish to communicate - and be seen to communicate - with thousands of current and potential customers. 


That said, while seemingly everyone uses social media, few actually bother to measure their impact, and when they do they are astounded to find that they are perhaps not always up to par.  I never cease to be amazed at just how badly many organisations use their social media platforms.  Frequently, quantity of followers is preferred to quality, and little if any analysis is made of the actual traffic driven to websites.  Advice comes from theoreticians rather than those with practical, hands-on experience. Yes, social media are at a crossroads, but If you want to navigate the traffic then get in touch:

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