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Help us find more about these Saints players

As you may have seen on social media and on the club's official website, my good friend and co-author of St Johnstone books, Brian Doyle and I are working on another book, with the working title, ‘Sixty Greatest Saints.’ This will feature not just players, but managers and officials too.

Crucially, we are going to rank the list of players, managers and officials, as well as selecting our all-time top Saints team and substitutes. You can be sure some it will prove controversial, especially with different generations of supporters.

In particular, we are appealing to fans, former footballers and relatives to provide information on past Perth heroes. We have gathered a lot of information on all the players on our list but it’s the little details, from family and friends of former football colleagues, that will make all the difference.

These are the men we looking for information on (one of whom appears in the team photo from 1930-31 shown above):

Willie McIntosh (pre and post WWII) – died West Midlands, 1990 Bobby Davidson (1930s) Coventry? died 1968 Paddy Buckley (1950s) died, 2008, Tranent Willie Imrie (1920s/30s) Fife, died 1945 Jimmy Munro (1930s), died c. 1978, Glasgow Jimmy Benson (1920s) - died Edinburgh, 1989 Gordon Smith (1970s/80s) – died Glasgow 2014 Willie Steel (1920s/1930s) – died 1990, perhaps Blantyre, almost certainly somewhere around Glasgow Harry Ferguson (19202-30s)– Alloa/Hillfoots area. John Robertson (1880s/90s) – Pitlochry/Perth; died in Perth in 1927 Ian Rodger (1950s) – Perth (Stewart Duff says his daughter used to work in Perth) Johnny Liddell (1950s/60s) – died Grangemouth, 1999.

Tommy Muirhead (manager, 1930s) – died Helensburgh, 1979

David Brown (1940s, post war) - ?

Peter Jack (groundsman from 1925 to 1961), Scone/Perth

Ernie Ewen (1950s) – died, Edinburgh, 1966.

Jimmy Fleming (late 1920s) – died 1969, (Glasgow?)

Anyone who can assist can contact me at

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