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When IFAB made it legal to dribble from a corner...

"The 1924 change to the corner kick law also brought about a huge controversy that, for a few days, took up many column inches in the press. It’s the kind of story the press love and, as the cuttings here show, essentially what happened was an administrative cock-up. As the third cutting, on the right, reveals, when IFAB “altered the Rules to permit a player to score from a corner kick, they inadvertently put the reading of the amended Rule in such a way that it is now possible for a player to dribble the ball.”

Footballers being footballers, they will always take any opportunity to gain an advantage, especially when it’s sanctioned by officialdom. The referees were not impressed, with Andrew Allan (cutting on far left) making it clear “that he was going to have none of this corner-kick dribbling nonsense.”

The players were, understandably, happy to use their new found freedom to benefit their team, so it was hurriedly decided by the SFA Council that a corner kick would come under the law which covers free kicks. As the cuttings indicate, in doing so the SFA were falling in line with the English FA who had already come to this decision, but officially there was no change in the rules until the next time IFAB met and the laws were then amended to make it clear that the player taking the corner could not touch it until another player had done so."

This is but one of the many fascinating facts (along with many uncensored and very funny interviews with former referees), that you can find in "Stop the Game: we're going to arrest the goalkeeper." Available from Amazon, at this link.

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